Each of our products work to support you throughout the day, we have put together our ultimate tool kit for ultimate protection and most improved energy! We’ll add to our range as we spot more places harmful energy lurks..

for youFOR YOU..

All of our bioDOT + smartdot products include a bioDOT and a smartDOT, this offers a starter kit for you to protect yourself whilst on the move and to stop harmful energy directly at source.

Personal protection from other people’s devices when on the move, whilst rebalancing your energy field to give you a natural energy boost.

The smartDOT can be applied to any wireless device to stop harmful energy directly at source by retuning the EMF radiation.


smart dot


In an ideal world, all your devices should be covered by a smartDOT, simply peel of the sticky backing and attach a smartdot onto any wireless device, mobile phone, cordless phone, wi-fi router, baby monitors, smart meters, microwaves etc.

smartDOT is programmed to harmonise or retune the electromagnetic frequencies from the electronic equipment you use regularly. Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will thus ‘pick up’ and react to any such field to which it is exposed. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax.


space dotFOR YOUR HOME…

We recommend that you buy a pyramid for your house, to bring positive and harmonious energy to any space.  It has an effective working radius of approximately ninety metres.

Geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional factors all have a significant influence on the energetic quality of our built environment – and therefore on us.

The spaceDOT is designed to retune energetic disturbances, creating positive vital energy. Feel the flow of high vibration energy all day every day. The space pyramid is the perfect option for any home


for sleepFOR SLEEP…


Our sleepMAT works to improve sleep and a sense of calm, an Organic, hand-made, cotton product that contains an energydot™ at the centre, this holds and continuously emits soothing and natural energy. Suitable for adults, children and babies. Comes with a smartDOT, see above for details.

Would you like to sleep deeply and feel more refreshed in the morning? Radiation from WI-FI and our much loved gadgets interferes with sleep patterns. Keep your sleep mat close and enjoy much improved sleep, a sense of calm and greater resilience in today’s challenging environment.

These handmade sleep mats come in soft cream with the beautiful sacred geometry symbol of the Seed of Life stitched on the front. You have a choice of gold, silver, pale blue, pale pink, pale green or purple embroidery.