Upcoming Books

These books are not published yet:-

The Four Daughters of the Sky.   The four winds, daughters of Thunder and Lightning, are responsible for different quarters of the World and each have hard tasks to keep their territory in order. Helping each other sometimes, they try to avert huge disasters such as oil spills and drought.  The sisters take on the problems of the world with their great powers, with a little help form Mum and Dad and just a sprinkling of magic! A bit of geography made fun.

Crocco and Mr Noodlenut. A crocodile shaped car that goes underwater and an old deep sea diver are the two main characters in this book. This car runs on green lemonade bought from a rather unusual shop. Two villages, situated opposite each other on the edge of a lake, joined by an old railway, is where the story takes place. Crocco and Mr Noodlenut have plenty of adventures together, helped by friends but often hindered by enemies who are always trying to spoil their attempts to help people. The two villages are occasionally in conflict and sometimes very strange things happen which cannot be explained.